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Builth Wells, Powys, Mid Wales  

Carry on Campers

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Classic VW Campervan Hire

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Covid Up-date:

Great news, campsites in Wales are now open!! 

Who needs the hassle of flying off to foreign countries? (even if you were allowed to)

There's never been a better time to explore the beautiful Welsh landscape.


Our vans are always thoroughly cleaned between bookings, and now more than ever this is essential. 

Keep looking for up-dates.

Enjoy a more chilled-out holiday at a relaxed pace. Our girls have been around the block a few times and know how to have a good time

Try life in the slow lane

This is Babs, our very own good-time girl

Really make an entrance when you arrive at the prom.

Our vans will certainly add a touch of old school chic  

A VW camper makes a

lovely wedding vehicle. Add a touch of vintage panache to your big day

Remember when a holiday meant throwing a few things into a bag and heading off into the wild blue yonder?  Our vans do

A campervan made for two, what could be more romantic?